Monday, March 9, 2009

And so it begins.

The new web site is about 40% done. I plan to give it the ol' college push the next couple weeks to see if I can't get it to at least about 80%, which would make it at least "functioning." Let me tell you, I am getting a crash course (emphasis on "crash") in java and css. Lots of frustration, but also lots of excitement as things get figured out. I spent last night lamenting to Jeremy that I did not understand how someone who used to program COBOL (me) could not figure out how to manipulate some of this code to do what I want it to do. Well, slow and steady wins the race, and this is a race I plan to win! Hopefully before I chuck the laptop out the window. ;)

This will be the place I talk about the projects we're working on, trips we have planned, discoveries we're making, etc. I look forward to communicating with other photographers and designers (those I know and those I haven't yet met). Stay tuned! 2009 is going to be an exciting year!


  1. Thanks, Kati. The web site progress is good! I really should be able to have it functioning by the end of the month, and hopefully making money soon after. ;) *laugh*